Greek Pathology                                                

            A well-respected friend
            Used Greek mythology
            In every poem or diatribe

            I thought it was a crutch
            But, as his junior, didn’t have the guts
            To tell him his allusions were
            Old-fashioned, out of date and
            Out of touch, and that
            They weren’t worth the pound of flesh
            Or gold – 
            Until the woman by my side
            Encouraged me to stand my ground

            My colleague to his credit
            Heard me out and shook my hand,
            And greeting my companion
            Slyly cried ‘Eureka!’ 

            She, being older and much more
            Experienced than I in 
            Matters of diplomacy,
            Returned a smile

            As if it were a joke


            Emanuel E. García, A Deeper Symmetry2014