It was a day of raucous sun
            And subtle flourishes, of
            Wine that spilled into
            A delicate embrace

            A day of hush and 
            Boisterous eyelids,
            Mischievous shade

            When the dense geography of
            Desire unspooled like rivulets
            After a mountain snow
            And the music of the hollows
            Rang an unanticipated beat

            When all the old untrusted words
            Glowed few like burnished shells
            In the penumbra of our breath 

            And all the solemn gathering
            Grief, the taut and
            Unforgiving skin of dearth, 
            The blinding scent of
            Absence and the necessary
            Creep into fatigue – 

            They couldn’t touch, not yet,
            Not even the division into
            One among as night approached


            Emanuel E. García, A Deeper Symmetry2014