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I am not Che

            I own no gun nor wear a beret
            I have only ridden a motorcycle twice -
            for very short distances - and kept no diary

            True, I live among the oppressed, the exploited, 
            the sleepwalking chattel of capitalism, the indebted, 
            the enslaved

            But when I appeal to my brothers and sisters with my words
            explaining the modern yoke devised by bankers to seem like a piece of jewellery
            or epaulet or, better yet,
            nothing at all

            Between the txt, the tweet and the TV there is no room

            Although, to be fair, when I don the T-shirt on a sunny day in town
            I will occasionally get a smile

            It must remind them of the movie


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013

          author's video reading