On the occasion of the marriage of Charles Powell and Christopher Buck, 11 May 2013, in New York City

            Despite the moonlight and its alabaster dance upon her cheeks
            Despite the dancing graces of the light upon the sea 
            Beyond our reach

            Despite the froth and frolic of our each-to-each

            My lover sneered

            Just gloriously loose, her limbs
            Seized into tautness 
            The eyes, now darkling adamant, 

            As if a consecration meant captivity
            Once-improvised embraces would enslave
            And kisses quench rather than swell our thirst 

            For one fearful moment I lifted my now-heavy hands 
            Above the tender being that had rebelled
            And turned my own eyes from the eyes that turned opaque

            To call upon the dancers of the sea
            My siren witnesses who reveled on the breakers in our sight
            And rode the tidal swells in ceremony
            Singing the circuit of the lunar night
            Gentle as gossamer she slowly circled me


            And freely as the sea within our reach 

            We, circling, we


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013