Destination Man                                                 

            When it came to girls, according to my mother
            Who was only looking out for me
            A sigh was never just a sigh
            But a sure sign that the road to hell was being paved
            Which I think is why I’ve always been a destination type of guy –
            Because she made me mighty curious
            So holding hands became the means to an embrace,
            Hugs to kisses and kisses to, well, dancing –
            Except when it was time for a pas de deux
            I only had left feet
            Until I stumbled onto you

            It was your quirks, shall I say,
            That stopped me in my tracks
            And had me hauling out the camping gear,
            Gathering wood, setting up lines
            And listening to the brooks and birds
            Forever, it seemed, no matter where the summit
            Near or far
            Eventually I forgot where we were going
            And better yet
            I didn’t really care


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013