Intelligent Design                                              

            Whoever it was on the committee
            Takes the cake
            For coming up with such a curious scheme
            Wherein every living thing
            Bar none
            Can only thrive by
            Trapping, swallowing or absorbing,
            Squashing, smothering, devouring,
            Penetrating, poisoning, debilitating,
            Macerating, decimating and, in short,
            Exterminating something else
            Big or small
            Few or many
            Vegetable, viral or bacterial
            Cellular, subcellular or
            Human, dare I say
            Maybe it would tell me
            Some quiet Saturday evening
            Over a glass of wine
            At a seaside café
            As a warm breeze blows
            Why, when two of us,
            Joined in benevolence
            Why, if one looks carefully enough,
            We can’t stop duelling
            Cheek to cheek
            Despite the trails of carnage in our wakes
            Or is that just another facet of
            Intelligent design?


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013