It's a Sad Day                                                   

            When your friends
            The ones who would yank your giggling head back into the car 
            just before it nicked a stop sign
            Who wouldn’t think twice about telling you to dump 
            whoever it was who was causing you so much grief, 
            no matter how ‘compelling’
            Who didn’t laugh when your jokes weren’t funny
            Who admitted to cheating you out of five bucks at pinochle (years later) and
            Who let you rant for hours about your chiseling
            boss, the creep, and walked with you saying absolutely nothing 
            until they came up with a sure-fire foolproof way for you to skin 
            his ass without risk
            Who would do anything, including lending you a big wad of cash 
            if you really needed it, or putting you up when she threw you out
            (and here’s the sad part)
            Read the story you published in that dinky magazine nobody 
            had ever heard of even though you begged them in a bashful 
            non-begging but almost desperate kind of way
            It wasn’t that they weren’t friends, because they were
            It’s just that some things are too much to ask


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013