Poets Brawl                                                       

            To begin with
            We nearly came to fisticuffs over
            Rhyme, of all things
            He arguing against and
            I taking the position that it can’t be helped or,
            More precisely, stopped
            That it was here and there
            If not where you’d expect
            Crouching like Irregulars
            In the bush you’re brushing by,
            As capable of sounding a huzzah
            Or raising Cain
            As ordinary troops who toe the line
            We were only warming up
            Because discussing rhyme inevitably led
            To the one and only way
            He said
            His poems should be read
            A via dolorosa, I replied
            And by the sorry looks of him
            When I had done
            He nearly
            It was for you, I shouted tactfully, meaning You
            To hitch your voices to a beat
            That changed depending on the spice
            And shape and tint
            So when you mulled
            You’d know just when
            To step on the gas or
            Raise the pitch a notch
            Though next go
            You might choose to
            Cruise a while
            Before braking in a different key
            Which was fine with me,
            I finished, rising from my seat and
            Wiping the wine moustache away
            Just please don’t ask
            What it’s supposed to say –
            Or be


            Emanuel E. García, Leaf Thoughts, One Hundred Poems2013