David's Stone                                                    

            It was one of five
            And smooth –
            The only clues –
            Which were enough for me
            When I was full of beans
            And sowing oats and
            Couldn’t count the blessings
            That rained cats and dogs
            On every sunny salad day of love
            To calculate the density
            And shape from what I knew
            Of slings and youth
            Was child’s play
            I called upon my father,
            The geologist, to break the news
            With my beloved in tow,
            Wincing a little for the man
            Who never had a woman on his arm
            To make him tall and
            Therefore turned to stones
            My prototype impressed:
            The very absence of his praise had
            Proved to me I hit the mark
            But when it came to a discussion of lethality
            He asked in parting,
            As we stood upon the threshold,
            If I’d given any thought
            To Cupid’s dart


            Emanuel E. García, Sinking In, One Hundred Poems2013

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