Ask whether
            Can be so sad or troubled or complex
            After you’ve read a poem
            You’ve assumed a
            Unitary voice and being
            Married indissolubly
            Whereas the narrator is only one of many and
            The author one of many more –
            And they’ve never even gotten close enough to be divorced
            But for you,
            However many you may be,
            What greater aspiration than to act, think, feel as
            How you’ve turned
            Integrity and honesty to synonyms,
            Multiplicity to deceit,
            And rave about
            The economy of joining force!
            The single-minded who can serenade in monotone
            Becomes your friend,
            The artist, who’s a can of worms
            That’s spilled the beans,
            The enemy
            Only the One commands your reverence:
            Indivisible as a dagger or a bullet to the brain
            Swifter, higher, stronger
            Than a wandering rabble who have trouble
            Staying with the pack
            It scavenges the many to its maw
            That it may grow in size and bulk and
            Until the close-up chaos and diverseness of
            Our blood-stained Earth
            Are smoothed away to match
            The picture of serenity
            An astronaut or alien might regard afar
            Perhaps I’ve lost my marbles but
            This smells suspiciously like
            To me and me and me and me and me and me and me . . .


            Emanuel E. García, Sinking In, One Hundred Poems2013