The Only Way To Go                                          

            It was a waste, they said, of good salami
            Wrong, on two counts, incidentally,
            Because to call soppressata di Calabria salami
            Is like saying that the Golden Gate is just a bridge
            Or the Odyssey a poem
            And as for waste, you be the judge
            Its target may have been of
            Indeterminate ethnicity
            But I was sure the chosen modicum would be
            As irresistible as a repentant fleshpot
            To an anchorite
            A salivary gland in sniffing distance
            Didn’t stand a chance
            And once a mouth starts watering
            The teeth are never far behind
            When at length I heard the snap
            I gave a shudder and a
            Pang of pity pierced
            Though not for long:
            Whoever feasted left
            Without a trace
            And beat the house
            I chewed on it awhile
            And then it dawned –
            The moral of the story,
            As it were –
            That even when the deck is stacked
            To have your cake and eat it too
            Is not just not impossible:
            It’s the only way to go


            Emanuel E. García, Sinking In, One Hundred Poems2013