A Strange Affair                                                 

            He listened for the gutturals,
            Changes of pitch and pace,
            The bursts that crested and 
            Decayed with breath
            To no avail

            Even as the angles shifted over time
            To gauge her gestures
            No perspective showed
            What he had heard that heedless afternoon

            He remembered how the street was littered,
            The stairs, the hesitation at her door
            Before she greeted him,
            Her eyes in disarray,
            The topmost button of her blouse
            Undone, the lawless freedom in
            Such desperate thirst

            And as the trail unravelled to a
            Tidy maze of punctuated nights
            He tried to tell her
            How he longed for the unspeakable


            Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014