An Alternative Iliad                                            

            Not long after the mad dash from dull Sparta
            Across the delirious seas,
            Paris began to notice that the women of Troy
            Also had lovely faces 

            Nor was the calm and handsomeness of Hector
            Lost on Helen

            But that was the least of it

            There was only so much ecstasy
            One could fit into a day
            Before it became a job

            So the lovers made a pact

            On the plains between
            The gathering ships of the Argives 
            And Priam’s fortress citadel,
            Bygones became bygones
            After a handshake and a wink, and
            Helen took the short cut back to Menelaus

            Thus Agamemnon’s wrath, Patroclus’ death, 
            The grief of Achilles, Hector’s desecration -
            They never came to pass

            She took the hint,
            I took to wandering again

            Though I confess
            There’s very little to write home about


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014