On the sea
            We were excited by the
            Lack of what we saw
            Because the ports of call were
            Infinite in architecture and intrigue

            And so we rued a little
            Navigating towards a home
            Until the sight of land
            Invigorated our resolve 

            We felt with glee
            The salt air sting and our
            Imaginations burned
            Hotter than starlight

            The twisting channels made
            Manoeuvres more complex and trained
            A different kind of sinew

            Novel territories
            After we set foot
            Had charms that cut and
            Polished and occasionally
            Dazzled us to dust

            And as we strayed
            We argued over whether
            We were more or less unrecognisable,
            Whether now the ocean 
            Lost its lustre 
            Or the carnival had sapped our nerve


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014