There were shards of glass
            Atop the balustrade
            Along the border of the park,
            Enough to lend the evening light
            An unexpected spark

            They may have been the remnants
            Of a battle or an accident, 
            The play of chance or choice

            It got me thinking if a person
            Lost a bit of skin or blood
            And carried on a little more in truth –
            The costume ruffled that had taken
            Years to sew, a callus shorn, 
            Some tenderness behind

            I thought how much I’d added on
            Three decades hence becoming more myself
            Through losing parts of what I was – 
            The silly dreams of raising Cain or
            Multitudes, of parting clouds
            To shed a greater light on
            Faces such as yours
            With something like a poem

            A shuffle from behind awoke me from my reveries,
            A body on the ground, a faint perhaps,
            Or worse

            I rose with speed
            To lend a bit of order
            To the crowd that gathered,
            And a hand
            Still in possession of a certain skill

            Although I spend the greater portion of my time
            By singing low and sitting tight and
            Watching very closely 
            The crustacean evolution of a 


            Emanuel E. García, Sojourns, 2014