The Ghosts You Fled                                          

            The spirits rose along the riverbed
            One by one

            I thought to make a dash for it
            Until I saw the gaping mouths and met
            The eyes that begged for me to stay

            To an outcast they were company

            By the fire they danced and faltered
            And I looked for signs above
            Between the passing clouds and
            Listened closely to the stream beneath

            To piece together their dismay
            I sang of mine

            They warned me mutely of the wolves
            As they withdrew, appeased,
            And I went on my way

            Ages later
            Just as I despaired of absolution
            For the lack of words
            I wrapped myself in your distrust
            And beckoned you to recognise
            The ghosts you fled 


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014