The Minotaur Has a Say                                      

            What you don’t really know
            Is that he lost the thread
            And it was I who led him back

            To make up for his lack of nerve – 
            Understandable given my physique –
            He told a tale

            I don’t mind,
            The labyrinth is my home:
            I do as much as one might do
            With a caress

            And my muteness, 
            The fact that anything and everything I feel
            Comes out in moans or bites or bellows –
            They see it as a sign of strength,
            My lack of words

            Don’t blame me 
            If they don’t want to leave:
            The door has always been

            But how the hell . . . 

            That’s right, 
            You’ve put them in my mouth


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014