The News                                                          

            They had only just left the shop
            In the alley, its bewildering banalities,
            When a heedless cyclist nearly struck –
            Too much trafficking, too much noise

            At the outskirts it was quieter,
            Cheap taverns, hanging laundry,
            Just the right amount of menace
            To deter a wanderer

            And there they paused,
            The grey sky hanging,
            The uncomfortable city 
            Daring their return

            A little longer

            Her bright poise,
            The lips and breasts and errant hair
            That claimed such dazzling forgeries
            From his hand

            For the thousandth time he asked her
            What she wanted from his life

            Her beauty hurt:
            She chose to break the news
            Before it had a chance to fade


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014