The Word She Dreaded                                      

            The word she dreaded
            Hung at first like mist
            Over a rolling field

            Then settled on her shoulders
            Lightly as a loosely woven shawl

            Her neck moved freely and
            She didn’t lose a step or
            Miss a trick

            But it was always there

            In heat and cold, from 
            Heights to hollow, all along
            The bruising earth

            And even when she cast it off by force
            The memory remained, 
            A greater yoke that pressed upon
            The days she wished for
            Wandering and delight
            As other arms turned into
            Tendrils coiled

            Like petals blown her curses flew
            And in demise they fell
            On promises and bell-like lips
            That knew full well –
            Or should have known! –
            Forgotten kisses were enough


             Emanuel E. García, Sojourns2014