A Lesson in Biography                                        

            A cripple dragged me to the opera
            Out of pity, and her pretty face,
            I endured the goings on
            There was an air of
            Putrefying flowers about it all –
            The fading voices, costumes coloured
            Overbright as if to shove us into gaiety,
            Comedy played broad enough
            For any five year old
            And then, I sighed,
            Ballet to boot!
            Just as I had turned
            To tell my unfamiliar friend
            I couldn’t stand it anymore
            I caught a glimpse:
            To say the dancer was in stationary motion
            Like a spinning hub or feeding hummingbird
            As she was hovering en pointe at centre stage
            Would do disservice
            To the sweet vibrato of her trance-like grace
            And slender heaven-reaching ecstasy
            The apparition caught me in the throat
            As I sagged down and wondered at the price
            Later that night I tried and tried,
            In vain,
            To kiss my consort’s feet


            Emanuel E. García, The Virtues of Calamity, One Hundred Poems2013

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