Small Hopes for a Little Poetry                            

            I would hope that you could
            Draw upon it on a moment’s notice
            At a time, perhaps, when you are
            Feeling that the world has crowded you
            Into a carapace
            And when the fruit and flower
            Of the full blown lies and semi-truths
            You whisper to yourself
            Decay too suddenly
            So that, at least, it may console
            Like a companion who will
            Slap you on the back and reassure you
            That the light is not an enemy
            No matter what it shows
            And with a touch of music
            On the inside out of every chosen word
            Confirm that there’s no pressing need
            For rhyme or reason –
            Nor a reason to despair
            Because you’ve erred


            Emanuel E. García, The Virtues of Calamity, One Hundred Poems2013

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