Star Power                                                        

            One of my best friends
            Just so happens to be
            An astrophysicist
            Who naturally likes to talk about
                The universe and time
            Like when it all began,
            Which he was pretty confident
            Occurred some fourteen billion years ago
            Give or take
            The topic got me woozy
            Especially when I compared
            My lifespan up to date
            Not so my mate
            Who relishing in paradox
            Convincingly commenced to show that
            Past and future
            Were impossible to prove
            And that the present was itself
            An evanescence these impossibilities
            Were built upon
            I mused . . .
            And found my antidote
            In words:
            They didn’t overturn the
            Truth of insignificance or
            The fact of human death
            But they evoked imagined memories
            From the imagined past
            To lend sensation strength
            I mourned each passing joy and
            Celebrated every pain
            As if it were my last
            And pitied all those not so lucky stars
            Despite their relative longevity and power
            For lacking, unlike us, the faculty
            To crowd into an instant
            As I hold you near
            All the history of our desires
            And the burning wish
            With every dearest kiss
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            Emanuel E. García, The Virtues of Calamity, One Hundred Poems2013

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