The Make-Over Artist                                         

            It got to be a guessing game
            She’d never say outright
            Whether she favoured or despised
            My qualities
            Which meant that I relied on cues,
            Felt for vibes, dealt in innuendo,
            Listened to my gut
            And made adjustments
            On the fly
            Without a litmus test
            In sight
            I couldn’t even call it
            Trial and error
            Because I just kept going on
            Until I reached the point
            Where looking in the mirror,
            Which hadn’t been too bad before,
            Became a positive delight
            It really was a shame
            She didn’t stick around to
            She wished her men to be
            Both less imaginative
            And more


            Emanuel E. García, The Virtues of Calamity, One Hundred Poems2013

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