What or When                                                   

            One night I looked up
            On a hunch
            And there it was –
            Not there

            Along the shore
            The ribbon-like band of shells
            Crushed or split, most of them,
            Tangled bark clumped in a line
            Against the dune shelf,
            The soft grasses too, the crests of waves –
            They whitened, and the two of us
            Threw shadows, just as usual

            To save face
            She denied it
            But I knew she knew
            Because I saw her on the balcony
            Searching with a pale brow among the roses,
            The worried brow of someone
            Who can’t believe her eyes
            But won’t breathe a word

            Like mine they scuttled 
            To and fro across the heavens
            Long after there was any question

            Occasionally I thought I spotted 
            Something, a kink
            In the dark fabric of the skies,
            A hidden pulse

            The waters rise and recede
            Still, with the same regularity

            Nowadays it’s hard to say
            What, if anything,
            Had gone amiss,
            Or when


            Emanuel E. García, 2014

          see here for 'visual accompaniment'