A New Dawn                                                      

            Here, and somewhere else, perhaps,
            A few will steal with brackish feet
            To pierce the irony of the just

            On this day of crusted bread and 
            Cheese that stings the tongue,
            Our nostrils twinge with fire
            But the air, saltpetre to the will,
            Brushes the insurgent breast
            Back into hiding
            As the rapacious dawn
            Of endless night,
            Creeping chameleon fluid,
            Clowns us into sleep

            And oh that night, that night –
            Once a tapestry immense
            That lay in wait for masterstrokes,
            Wild colours, mesmerising shades,
            Tumult that could rival
            Greedy stars for brilliance –
            Now reflecting the construction
            Of our diligence in nothing done

            But if we find a hovel for a 
            Facet of expiring love
            Let our tenuous insignia,
            The charred upheaval of our clutching eyes,
            Give us away
            To those who turn by chance
            And in the distance glimpse 
            A curiosity on the horizon
            And will bite their lips 
            Despite themselves,
            Of benediction unaware


            Emanuel E. García, Wandering Bark2013