Thank God for Waiters                                       

            A seaman told me once
            That to regret a voyage
            Was as bad as 
            Sinking with the ship

            I thought of him as we were
            Berthed, the each of us,
            Across our coffee,
            While the tidal current and a
            Rising chop rang in the 
            So that setting sail 
            Held less allure
            Than a regurgitated 

            Thank god the waiter
            Breezed right in 
            Before the truce had been destroyed
            And gave us pause
            To put our heads together and 
            Exchange a scent

            Memory’s a funny thing –
            Though never perfect 
            It can sometimes buoy
            By anchoring

            I paid the bill and
            And couldn’t tip the guy enough
            For helping us 
            To make our getaway


            Emanuel E. García, Wandering Bark2013